Medical Forms

This year our medical forms will be able to be completed and submitted online through DocuSign. this will make the process of completing these forms much simpler. The link to the medical form will be provided during the registration process and can also be found at the bottom of this page. 

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics welcomes you as a sports camp participant. Every camp carries some degree of risk to the participant because of the physical nature of the activities. The UT Sports Medicine Staff provides specialized services, care and supervision to safeguard your health and well being.

Medical Care/Insurance

Each camper must be covered by his/her parents/legal guardian’s insurance before participating. Medical aid is provided on site by a licensed athletics trainer. Campers’ parents/guardians are billed directly for all medical services rendered by urgent care facilities, local hospital, or other medical care facilities outside of UT Sports Medicine and not covered by their insurance.

A current physical is no longer required to participate in camp; however, the camper’s parent or legal guardian must sign off on the "Pre-Activity Clearance Examination & Immunization Record" section of the medical forms in order to participate in camp.

Campers WILL NOT be permitted to participate in any activities until all forms are completed and are on file with the camp supervisors.

Required Medical Forms - **CLICK LINK**

Youth Protection Program Parents Guidebook - **CLICK LINK**